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'54% of people say that a family
member, friend, work colleague
or themselves have consulted a
counsellor or psychotherapist'

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  • Life brings a constant process of growth, change and challenge. Many people experience difficulties at some stage in their life; it would be unusual not to experience life’s ups, downs and uninvited challenges.  Sometimes the challenges may seem more overwhelming or upsetting than others.  At times like these working with a trained therapist can be helpful.
  • On other occasions there’s no crisis, more of ongoing upsets or frustrations.  You want to make some changes yourself!  May be you’ve noticed a repeating unhelpful pattern, old familiar hurts that keep coming back, a lack of confidence or something holding you back.
  • Counselling is a process that involves talking with the therapist about matters in your life that you may wish to change or understand.
  •  It is also about growth & self-development with the aim of exploring thoughts, feelings and events to enable you to manage your life, relationships, challenges and emotions in a way that is right for you.
  • Your counsellor is objective, empathic and uses her skills to help you understand yourself, your responses and make choices.  Sometimes clients learn in counselling that they do have choices where they thought there were none.
  • Counselling & psychotherapy are similar; counselling is usually of shorter duration. Psychotherapy may be more appropriate to address longer term or deeper routed concerns.  Sometimes psychotherapy involves helping the client see hidden aspects of themselves that hold them back or cause relationship challenges or to learn to respect their own defences. 
  • EMDR is an effective treatment for trauma, difficult memories & longer term problems; it is recommended and used by the NHS for trauma.
  • CSCP supports change & growth and invites you think about counselling this way
  • Individuals & Couples are welcome
  • Private city centre locations
  • Appointments normally within 10 days
  • Professionally qualified, experienced therapist
  • Some clients may be unsure whether counselling is right for them; if you would like to discuss this informally then I’d be  pleased to receive your enquiry – call for a chat.  Any discussion is completely confidential.
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We offer a complimentary phone consultation to answer any questions and to establish if counselling is right for you.  Or view the video link from our therapist.
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