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The TA 101


Courses running in Stirling on

20 & 21 June 2015 or

26 & 27 September



The TA 101 course is the official introduction to transactional analysis. Its purpose is to provide consistent and accurate information about TA concepts.



By the end of the 101 participants will be able to:


  • Describe basic theoretical concepts of transactional analysis


  • Apply basic transactional analysis concepts to problem solving


  • Classify a range of interpersonal behaviours and internal processes using basic transactional analysis concepts




Students who participate in the whole course are awarded the TA 101 Certificate recognised across Europe, America and many other countries.



The course will cover


  • Definition & underlying values of TA as well as areas of application
  • Brief overview of the development of TA & its founder Eric Berne
  • Theory of personality based on Ego States
  • Theory of communication
  • Strokes
  • Script, Psychological Games & Life Decisions    


The course is a pre-requisite to anyone who wants to study TA and also of interest to those who enjoy personal development and theories that can be used in teaching, communications, problem solving, improving relationships, customer care and much more.  Many delegates come from the helping professions, people related professions as well as managers & leaders.


TA is used worldwide in education, training, counselling & psychotherapy.



If interested please contact Shirley for more information.  There are also videos on the following link:





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