Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional analysis, commonly known as TA, is an integrative approach to psychology and psychotherapy developed during the late 1950s by Dr Eric Berne. 


'Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change' (ITAA) (

TA, and its approach, is well documented, easily accessible in books and on the internet and many clients enjoy learning about it and using it as part of their self development.  TA is also widely used in training & educations settings for example, in interpersonal skills, leadership and communication skills.

As a counselling and therapeutic approach TA is a dynamic relationship based approach drawing upon models and tools that help the client to make sense of experiences, relationships, distress and self limiting belief and defensive behaviours that sometimes “get in our way”.  It offers the option of facilitating change if you so choose.    TA is also suitable as both a relational and cognitive behavioural approach.   

All of the above offers an approach to self development and understanding of how clients relate to the world, their own problems and relationships; TA seeks to encourage wellbeing, self awareness and the ability to enjoy the day to day life in a way that is natural and spontaneous.


Shirley is qualified to offer the official TA 101 the official Introduction to TA course, accredited internationally by UKATA/EATA.

Some of the key ideas about TA are found in TA Today by Ian Stewart & Vann Joines, Lifespace Publishing.

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